5 Proven Techniques To Quickly Earn World Of Warcraft Gold

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There are many guides on how to quickly earn World of Warcraft gold. But if you know your game, you’d immediately see that most of them are crap. Imagine, a good number of them promise to make you a millionaire – at least in the world of Azeroth – but once you start reading what they have to offer, you’d just encounter things that you’ve already known since you were killing thunder lizards in the Barrens.

And you start to wonder…

Is there, really, a fast but legal way to earn World of Warcraft gold?

The answer is a resounding yes!

You’ve seen World of Warcraft players who can afford epics at level 35. You’ve seen World of Warcraft players who can buy a mount as soon as they reach 40. You’ve seen World of Warcraft players who can level up their professions to 300 even before they reach 37. And you’ve seen World of Warcraft players who can afford to respect daily, yes, DAILY, as in every single day the Lord has made!

The truth is, there are many, many ways by which the game can be exploited. Some of these strategies are things that those Blizzard folks overlooked. Are they illegal? Are they “black hat?” Most definitely not! It’s not our fault that the programmers have yet to fix them, right?

So allow me to share with you a secret.

Actually, allow me to share with you five secrets… five proven tactics that will help you earn a lot of World of Warcraft gold even before you reach level 10!


1. You start as a penniless level 1. Go grind, while leveling up at the same time. Avoid spending on anything but the necessary training. Your immediate goal is to earn 50 silvers. Once you have 50 silvers, go to Ironforge and look for Outfitter Eric. Just ask any of the guards where the tailor is, and Outfitter Eric should be in the said vicinity. You will buy the pattern for Tuxedo Jacket. Tuxedo Jackets are popular novelty items in the game, and every tailor would want to learn how to make one. The problem is, not every tailor knows where to buy the pattern. Most of them think that it’s a rare drop. But not you! Buy the pattern for 50s, then sell it for 2 to 3g! That’s an immediate 400% to 600% profit! Rinse and repeat!

2. Using the method above, you can proceed with the other patterns of the Tuxedo set, all of which can purchase from Outfitter Eric. The pattern for Tuxedo Pants can be sold for 2 to 3g. The pattern for Tuxedo Short is a little cheaper, but will still yield quite a profit per sale!

3. Once you have amassed around 20g, it’s time to play the market. Download a mod entitled Auctioneer. There’s one at warcraftwarzone.com. With this mod, you can survey the auction house. You can see the average selling price for items, and more importantly, you can pinpoint which item is being sold at lower the average selling price. Auctioneer is the secret of gold farmers and rich WoW players. Buy low and sell high. It’s fun, it’s easy, and it’s 100% profitable! You need initial capital of course, but by following the previous 2 steps, you’d be good to go.

4. Train to be an enchanter. Download the Enchantrix add on from warcraftwarzone.com. Now use auctioneer to survey the AH for green items being sold at low, low prices. Then use Enchantrix to see what these items will disenchant to. Compare. Are the disenchanted materials worth more than the cost for the items? Often, the difference is worth its weight in gold, literally speaking!

5. The humanoids you will battle from level 1  Buy wow gold to 15 will drop Linen Cloth. Linen Cloth may seem like a common item, but it’s not. You can sell a stack of 20 for as much as 50s, depending on your server’s economy. Why so high? It’s because higher leveled World of Warcraft players need Linen Cloth for rep points, and they’re too lazy to grind for the same. Also, other low level players need Linen Cloth as well: tailors for bolts of cloth and others for bandages. So collect as much Linen Cloth as you can. Grind for them if you must. Then sell for a lot of profit. You can easily get 5 to 7 stacks of Linen Cloth within an hour.


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