6 Reasons Why an Attorney Should Use Companies Who Provide Medical Legal Services

As an attorney you perform an endless array of duties. You might be a small business owner, researcher, public relations specialist, litigator, human resources representative, medical bill analyst… you do everything and you do it well. While most people think attorneys have it made, the truth is you work tirelessly for every single client.

1) You don’t have time to sift through medical records

Is anyone’s time more valuable than yours? If your case involves medical records, chances are you’re spending hours sifting through pages and pages of disorganized medical records interpreting medical jargon. Why not let a medical records management company take this time-consuming task off your aching shoulders? They can find the relevant information and organize it into a chronology and medical summary that you, your clients, and experts can all understand. Meanwhile, you can do what you do best, prepare your cases.

2) You aren’t a medical professional

As an attorney, you’ve gone through years of grueling law school and you possess impressive credentials. You have endless experience and you know your business inside and out. You’re an expert. However, you aren’t a medical expert.

A good medical records company combines multiple legal nursing professionals for thousands of hours in medical experience, making them experts you can trust for medical records analysis. Along with their legal knowledge, medical legal services Cliniverse Research like MR review experts can find the details most important to your case. This allows your clients to receive the maximum settlement or to efficiently build a strategic defense.

3) Fees and billing issues

So it’s clear that your time is far too valuable to spend on trying to properly analyze MR. But the right medical legal service can save you money in other ways. Medical records analysis fees are not considered overhead costs like a plaintiff attorney’s time, but instead case-related fees and expenses. Defense attorneys still need to review the report produced and their client appreciate the better way of doing business. Quality medical legal services will allow you to leverage the supportive details contained in the medical and billing records and thoughtfully prepare for the potentially harmful contents

4) They can save you from taking a bad case to court or entering a resolution more than the case value

Have you ever pursued a malpractice case thinking you had it won before you even filed the claim, only to lose it when a seemingly insignificant detail popped up? By using a systematic approach to medical records analysis, a medical record management firm can efficiently analyze all documents and point out the details you could overlook or a physician expert might not consider outside of their specialty. For a plaintiff’s attorney, these details could save you from taking a bad case to court and wasting your time and resources. When defending a case, medical legal services can bring each of these strategic details to the fore and analyze the medical bills for appropriateness.

5) You will save time and money on medical expert testimony

If you hire a physician expert you’re looking at spending a small fortune. The first hurdle is identifying the appropriate medical experts to hire, and then there is the expense of having each of those experts review the records before testimony.

Medical legal services can help you identify the most strategically advantageous experts for testimony then bring your experts up to speed efficiently with tangible reports and organized records. These medical summaries and chronologies, cross referenced with the organized records, will have your experts ready for testimony in a matter of hours, saving you money as they prepare for depositions and trial.

Medical legal services ensure that your experts provide cost efficient, strategic and knowledgeable medical testimony,

6) They can help you calculate future costs

A well rounded medical legal services company not only can provide you an understanding of the medical records, but they can also help you anticipate future medical expenses related to an injury through life care planning. This is an important medical legal service to both sides of the bar in understanding settlement figures and coming to an agreeable resolution in valuating injuries.

If you represent clients in any case involving medical records, seek the aid of companies specializing in medical legal services: medical records management, medical record reviews, billing audits and life care planning. You’ll be glad you avoided the headaches of the alternatives.