Bluetooth Stereo Headset: 10 Advantages of Bluetooth Technology

Bluetooth Technology is making more of an impact on our lives every year as more and more Bluetooth enabled devices such as the Bluetooth printer and the Bluetooth stereo headset become more widely available and inexpensive. It will look at 10 benefits of choosing a Bluetooth enabled device over a standard device with cables.

1. Totally wireless.
Obviously, the main benefit of Bluetooth is that it is a totally Wireless Technology. Using Bluetooth, you do not have to carry around all of the bulky leads and connection cables. From the safety point of view, you do not have leads trailing around to trip up on. A good example of this would be with a Bluetooth stereo headset. You can listen to your music or chat with friends on the net with perfect quality whilst walking around the room without the inconvenience of cables.

2. Ease of use.
With Bluetooth you do not have to set up a connection or push any buttons. Once configured, the Bluetooth device will automatically detect other Bluetooth Devices within the 10 m radius.

3. Bluetooth is inexpensive.
The technology is inexpensive for manufacturers to implement which means that the products incorporating Bluetooth are relatively inexpensive for the consumer.

4. Universally standardized protocol.
As Bluetooth is a standard protocol it means that it can be used successfully with many different devices from all manufacturers. There’s also no limitation on connectivity of bluetooth module  different kinds of devices.

5. Zero interference.
Bluetooth uses a protocol known as frequency hopping. This protocol coupled with the fact that Bluetooth also uses low power signals means that devices practically always avoid interference.

6. Voice and data compatible
Bluetooth enables devices to sure both data and voice communications. Bluetooth stereo headset will not only receive sound data but will also transmit voice data from the microphone. This is also useful with mobile phones. Using a Bluetooth headset makes using a mobile phone far less dangerous both in terms of hands free safety and in terms of potential radiation risk.

7. Efficient energy consumption.
As mentioned before, Bluetooth uses low power signals. This means that devices require very low amounts of energy and will therefore prolong the battery life of the device. Bluetooth stereo headsets, for example, will work longer than headsets using different wireless protocols.

8. Upgradeable technology.
Newer versions of Bluetooth devices are always backward compatible with older versions. This means that the Bluetooth device you buy today is unlikely to become obsolete and unusable in the foreseeable future.

9. Create an instant personal area network.
Up to seven Bluetooth devices can be paired with each other within a range of 10 m., Creating a piconet or PAN. You can also choose to set up multiple piconets within a single room.

10. Bluetooth is a robust technology within the marketplace.
Bluetooth has become a worldwide and universal wireless standard. All electronics manufacturers encompass Bluetooth within their devices as they all want the devices to be compatible. Bluetooth does not have the disadvantage of being one of many protocols each favored by a different manufacturer. Its universality ensures that it will be around for a very long time.