Buying Horde Gold Safe and Cheap – Should You Buy From SwagVault?

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Buying gold is something that no one admits to and everyone does. There is just too much to do in World of Warcraft, for you to have to spend hours on end day after day farming even after all the time it takes just getting to the level cap of 80. So, you, as a Horde player, decide to buy some gold and save yourself a lot of headache. But since no one ever admits to gold buying, so it can be very hard to get a good recommendation for a safe site to buy Horde gold safe and cheap.

Today, we’ll talk about one of the more popular Horde gold sites, SwagVault. SwagVault has been around for a while. They offer a variety of game currencies; not only World of Warcraft Horde Gold and Alliance Gold, but Everquest, EQII, AoC, and tons more of games’ currency is available from them. So, are they worth buying from?

First, you have to make sure you are buying from a safe source. SwagVault is about as safe as they come; they aren’t scammers, and their website security is secure enough to fend off hackers. So you can buy your Horde gold knowing your credit cards aren’t going to magically become maxed out in a few weeks.

The second thing to consider when looking at a gold selling website is, of course, how much they charge. SwagVault, like most sites, varies it’s prices from server to server. They usually have some of the better prices around, but they are usually not the cheapest. Still, they are low enough to be worth checking out your particular server’s price, if you are the kind to shop around.

SwagVault uses certain tricks to make sure you don’t have to worry  먹튀검증 too much about Blizzard catching you and taking away the gold you buy, adding another plus in their favor–too many horde gold sellers are lax in their transfer policies, and often you will get your gold and items revoked a few days after buying. You won’t get banned, but your money will be wasted if this happens, as it often does with other websites.

Overall, SwagVault is a good website to buy from, if not the best. For games other than World of Warcraft, it might be the best, in fact. Still, for WoW gold I often go with a competitor, just because there are equally safe sites with somewhat lower prices.



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