Creating a Capsule Wardrobe

Clothes are something that many people take for granted; some people are happy to wear the same clothes and the same styles over and over again, where as others are happy buying new outfits and trying out new looks every week. However, one thing that we are all guilty of is buying clothes that we never wear, you know the clothes that seemed like a good idea at the time, the clothes we bought as an incentive to lose weight, the clothes we thought looked nice in the shop but they then changed dramatically once we got them home. No matter the reason for these bags of forgotten outfits, the fact is that this behaviour must stop, and here is an idea solution – create a capsule wardrobe.

A capsule wardrobe is the name given to a small collection of clothes and accessories, such as jewellery, bags, sunglasses and shoes, and with a capsule wardrobe, the trick is to mix and match the clothes in order to create fun, new and exciting looks to wear. So, the idea is to have a handful of eye catching ‘key’ pieces which will make up the crux of an outfit that is suitable for any time of the day, or just needs a few subtle changes in order to make the transition from day wear to the night time look.

For women, one of the key pieces you must have is a good quality cotton mac that is brightly coloured. Tan or camel coloured macs work with almost any outfit, and when teamed with a pair of skinny jeans and nude platforms, they can make any girl look refined and glamorous. Jewellery is also important, and a the fashion for big, chunky and statement pieces shows no sign of waning, investing in a good quality statement necklace, some simple metal bracelets and one or two colourful cocktail rings will bring extra splashes of colour to any outfit, Techwear Style and therefore, any occasion.

Shoes are also important, as mentioned earlier, a pair of nude platform heels will go really well with jeans, and can go with any outfit, but a good pair of plat boots can also make any outfit shine. Boots are also a much better option to wear during rainy days, so if it rains, leave those platform shoes at home, and make sure you have an umbrella.

When it comes to going out, you can afford to be adventurous, so why not have one or two outrageous pieces that will really make you stand out, such as a leopard print clutch bag or colourful tights? If you’re feeling really extravagant, don’t over look leather clothing and leather accessories. We’re not talking anything too extreme, after all, a pair of leather trousers can liven up any outfit, but other leather clothes, such as womens leather jackets and skirts are really causing a buzz in the fashion world and can really make an outfit.