Do We Have the Best Hunter PvP Pet?

I have often seen people questing if there is a best hunter PvP pet in forums and discussions. While everybody holds a completely different opinion regarding the pet they think to be the most fantastic, the truth is that there really is no best hunter PvP pet. The reason being all the pets of the battle ground PvP come with their own set of great roles that would be unfair to position any one of them on the top.

Just remember at the end of the day the power is in your hand so whether you are using a bat or an owl it is upto you to train it in such a manner that it turns out to be the best PvP hunter amongst all. However following are some of the guidelines you should follow while picking your pet:

All the hunter PvP pets in the game are divided in two categories Battleground PvP pets and Arena PvP pets.

While going for Battleground the pet you choose should blend in with your playing style. You should consider picking a pet from Hunter PvP pet tree which is part of the Cunning Family Tree. This tree has a variety of pets like bats, birds and ravagers which are better than the hunters offered by other trees. Birds are a fairly good choice they will not only be a great help during the times of difficulty but they are known to be the best guardians of flags.

On the other hand for arena play you should choose a pet while keeping your team members in view. How many builds and classes your team has? Is the size of the team 5v5 or is it 2v2? Also decide before hand as to what role the hunter will be playing. are you keeping it to control the crowd? Or to keep an eye on the healer or caster?