Dual and Quad Screen Splitter – Ideal for Digital Signage, Surveillance, and Monitoring Applications

The Dual and Quad Screen splitter products are an ideal solution for remote monitoring and control of multiple data sources. One of the downsides to modern technology is that the abundance of information available is not always where it is needed. Whether it is a security system, a technical support center, a data center, or any other data monitoring system, multiple data streams are frequently supplying information to a central location. However, this information may not be easily harnessed in a meaningful way as the human component cannot be focusing on multiple displays easily. Video Screen Splitters can provide a valuable method of allowing all the information to be harnessed in a single display for remote command and control by a single user.

Video Screen Splitters are available in Dual and Quad screen configurations and can be an invaluable cost-saving convenience. These video splitters allow any display to be leveraged as a monitoring station for existing infrastructure through the support of component, composite, and VGA as well as DVI sources. Many of the devices include built in scalars for optimal viewing on the output display at that display’s resolution. The output from the individual sources can then be manipulated through a combination of hardware and software allowing the user to focus on the most important source by either scaling inputs to smaller sizes or through the use of picture-in-picture (PIP). Controlling the Video Screen Splitter is also a simple enough task with most devices supporting push-button controls, software control, IR remote control, touch screen controls, and some systems allow for remote IP control.

Dual Screen Splitter provides dual outputs both analog dual mode bluetooth module  (VGA) and digital (DVI) format, where one is typically connected to remote display and the other is connected to the on-site display offering real time monitoring. The key features are small form factor, firmware upgradable, resize, position, flip, zoom / pan and blend output Video.

Quad Screen Splitter unit has advanced viewing options which include a wide range of display modes like dual-mode, quad-mode, full-screen mode, and PIP (picture in picture) mode. It simplifies management of multiple video inputs by accessing and controlling them from a single access point. This unit comes with FCC, CE, and RoHS certifications. For users who find a Quad Screen Splitter to still be insufficient, there are also devices that support cascading. This option will allow a single user to monitor as many as 16 sources through a single display.