Glide With the Latest Fashion Trend With Labrets, Monroes, and Lippy Loops

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Do you want to dazzle onlookers with your beauty spot? Then you can get your upper lip pierced and wear Monroes.

The tradition of body piercing and wearing jewelries were prevalent among ancient people, thousands of years back but latest technology advancements and rapid development of information technology has made it possible for the fashion loving people to get numerous varieties of lustrous designs made from best quality materials available in the market. Even the designers and craftsman get the opportunity to design latest creation and launch their production, worldwide through Internet for the international customers.

Among different body piercing tradition, lip piercing has become very popular in recent times. The reason for such popularity lies with the film stars, celebrities, models, rock stars and numerous other sports stars, who wear Labrets, Monroes, and Lippy Loops to get cool looks. The boys and girls were also not far behind following them and started wearing these rings to get attraction, glide with latest fashion and style trend, show of independence and self-expression. As compared to other body piercing, Lip piercing also heals faster.

Labrets, Monroes, Lippy Loops

• Labret Rings are pierced just under the lower lip. Labret studs are also appropriate for tongue piercing. They have flat base from where a stem protrudes, which may be threaded or plain and other end of stem has removable internally threaded ball or plain stud, which can be replaced with varieties other balls and studs.

• Monroes are basically worn on the off side roofing contractors monroe la  of the upper lip to resemble beauty spot. This ring is very popular among women to show their femininity and augment facial beauty.

Lip Loops
• Lip Loops are similar to chin labrets and used for lip piercing. These rings has flat base that sets with the skin and comes up around the lip and hang. They can also be used for ear piercing.

Labrets, Monroes, Lippy Loops are made from best quality materials, such as Titanium, Titanium Anodized, solid gold, Acrylic UV, Bio Flex & PTFE, surgical steel and, studded and designed with spikes, jeweled, gems, unique styles, logo, words, signs and various other attractive designs to give it enchanting, eye-catching and gorgeous looks.

These Lip piercing ring jewelries are easily available with online stores and buyer can purchase them sitting at the comfort of home. Only accessories they require for their buying is online connection and a PC for browsing the sites, selling lip rings. The designs, types, styles and collections with online stores are also exceptional, as they have to maintain their rich stock for international customer base.


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