Home Fitness With the Horizon Fitness Treadmill

i-fitness BerchemWhile there are quite a number of exercise devices available in the market, if you are looking for a fitness treadmill that you can use at home, the Horizon Fitness Treadmill would fit the bill perfectly. Apart from the fact that this treadmill will not cost you an arm and a leg, the treadmills from Horizon are regarded as solid, polished and quite fashionable anabolic pharma USA. The Horizon Evolve SG Compact Treadmill is specifically worth mentioning in this regard. The Horizon Fitness Treadmill is quite a popular machine for many reasons.

One major reason why you should invest in this treadmill is because it breaks with the past where workout sessions are dull. The inbuilt MP3 assemblage ensures that you remain entertained while you work out. The assemblage has some wonderful surround sound speakers and headphones and you can workout privately to avoid disturbing other people within the house. The Horizon Fitness Treadmill also has an LED display that helps you watch the vital statistics.

There is a heightened enlightenment of the advantages and significance of fitness and while many people gather at various places to attend to this need, the question of time and convenience arises. The best alternative would be to have your fitness regiment at home. Because a fitness program at home can be quite a task, a treadmill is a good option and this is where the Horizon Fitness Treadmill comes into the picture. Another advantage of the treadmill is that you can still watch TV, listen to your favorite music or monitor other activities while you exercise. The treadmill is probably a favorite of many as a fitness or gym machine.

With a treadmill at home, you can either walk or jog at home and get fit without having to get ready for an outdoor session of jogging. The Horizon Fitness Treadmill is a notable brand and is recognized among the many treadmills that are available in the market. There are different models and you can choose one that is affordable for you or is appropriate for your exercise requirements. Anyone that is determined to commit themselves to a long term fitness plan or interested in losing weight should consider making a purchase of these treadmills. With such a treadmill at home, you can easily ensure that you get a good cardiovascular workout.

The advantage of running with the Horizon Fitness Treadmill is that you avoid the risks associated with running on uneven areas. Many people in the medical field have warned of the hazards associated with running on paths that are not smooth or balanced. People who run on uneven areas risk getting injuries on their feet and joints and treadmills can help joggers avert such risks. You can jog, run or walk without having to worry about any type of injuries because treadmills have very smooth and even surfaces. Another advantage of the Horizon Fitness Treadmill is its structure which is strong and ample enough to ensure that even the most energetic workout periods are undertaken without any apprehensions about getting off balance.

I have been writing about different areas of mens fitness and fitness nutrition, but what about the basics of fitness. The core so to speak and why us men want to be fit. Fitness is for all ages. It doesn’t matter how young or old you may be. It is never too late to start.

Men are the breadwinners of the family usually. If a man is fit, he has way more energy for his work and for his family life. You feel better, look better, and are happier. I feel every man should strive to achieve some level of fitness. You don’t have to train like an Olympian, but overall fitness, to me, is a must. I am sure the ladies agree.

The first part of a fitness routine and the most basic is Flexibility. Stretches before and after a workout will keep you flexible and away from injury. The second aspect of mens fitness is a good cardio workout. Cardio gets the blood pumping, increases your lung capacity and their ability to distribute oxygen to your blood. This gives you almost unlimited resources of energy for anything that comes up in your daily life. The blood flow also keeps your brain oxygenated Which improves its overall capacity for handling anything that comes its way. The third is building muscle and strength training. Now these are definitely optional. Some men do not want to be “musclebound”. There is nothing wrong with keeping the muscles toned and fit though.

By far, in my opinion, is the cardio workouts. Aerobics if that is all the time you have. By focusing on cardio more, it keeps the arteries and veins open, keeps cholesterol low, and keeps the heart fit and strong. The heart is just a muscle after all and needs it’s workouts. Cardio will keep you young and full of energy. Stretching for flexibility and cardio is truly all you would need.

If you want to build muscle then, by all means, do it. If you are going to weight train, follow some simple rules. Know how to do your exercises properly, stretch properly before exercising, and possibly have a workout buddy/spotter for your lifting. Always be safe. To build muscle properly is where the proper nutrition comes in like I covered in a previous article. You need to get a well balanced diet, take vitamin and mineral supplements, get your fair share of protein(around 1 gram for every pound you weigh), drink plenty of water, and don’t push yourself too hard or overtrain. The best foods to eat are raw foods(vegetables) in a wide variety, chicken, turkey, and fish. Red meat if it is lean and not fatty.