SEO Tools That You Will Need

There are tons of SEO tools offered all over the internet today. Some are web-based and some are software. The websites are pretty cool; some of them are packed as a one stop shop SEO tool site. The software programs are all together different since most of them have specific functions like keyword building or link building. Regardless of what SEO tool you might want to use, here are some previews and tips you need to help you decide.

Keyword Tools

It’s simple and effective. These programs are easy to use, you type a keyword you’re interested in, and suggestions come out to improve your keyword. Some of the programs give suggestions, while some check the keyword you want to use against other websites using the same keyword. A good example of this tool is the Keyword Tool from Google AdWords. You type in a keyword, and the site generates how many times the keyword was searched. The site is very easy to understand and navigate too. Some tools can help you out in choosing what keyword to put on your site or articles. Software programs of this type are also available for sale.

Link Building Tools

Some SEO link building tools help you search the internet for other sites related to your web content so you can ask them for a link exchange, while some automate this process for you. The purpose of these tools is to make link building easy. Before you do use this type of tool though, remember that having too many site links on your site may alert search engines and suspect your website as a link farm. When this happens, your website may get banned or get poor ranking. Linking is used to gain page ranking and not the other way around, so be sure to link sites that are related to yours.

Page Ranking Tools

Page ranking tools checks your site’s performance and popularity. You can access websites that offer this service for free or you can subscribe to others with a monthly fee. One of the popular websites used for this type of SEO tool is Alexa. This SEO tool is useful when you have optimized your site and want to check if the improvements you made were helpful.


In a can, Copyscape checks your webpage for plagiarism. seo group buy In this SEO driven cyber world, you must be sure that the articles you are posting on your web pages are original and/or have proper citation and permission. This SEO tool does not directly help out optimize your website, but it helps you a lot in ensuring that your website will not be banned or removed from search engines. If you are outsourcing your SEO content and articles, Copyscape will help you make sure that the articles submitted to you are fresh and original.

There are tons of other SEO Tools out there that can definitely help you out in your SEO campaign, but correctly and intelligently using the ones mentioned above will surely give you a boost. But then again if SEO is not your cup of tea, there are qualified and passionate people out there that can help you out. You can still do business online even without all the technical know-how, just make sure you have the right partners.

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