Seven Reasons Today’s Students Prefer Online Courses

There has been much debate over online education and whether it will ever replace mainstream education. Let’s look at seven reasons online learning is the preferred choice for many students:

1. Computers are students’ natural way of life

Most of today’s students have grown up around computers and find it the most natural way to learn and interact. They use computers for everything: from social interaction (read Facebook) to finding out things. My son who has just completed his degree, Googles everything he wants to know. If you ask a question to no-one in particular or you’re wondering aloud about something, he has the answer in around a minute.

With this attitude to learning the next logical step will be online education.

2. A student can work as fast or as slow as they want

Students prefer working at their own pace. In a classroom situation students often get very bored as teachers need to go at the pace of the slowest student. If the student learns on his own online, he or she will take their natural pace of learning, which is right for them.

3. It empowers the student to interact

Students who would normally be quiet and shy in class have the confidence to interact on a digital platform where they don’t feel as exposed as in a classroom situation where others could intimidate them. If the online school offers live, interactive classes, the result is a winner.

4. There is always space for more students

One of the problems schools face are the numbers of students dropping out of class. As students who are enrolled online can work at their own pace, they have time to finish their assignments.

5. It is less expensive

Going to a regular school, students often pay between $3,000 and $5,000 for a years’ worth of education. Online education doesn’t have the expenses a normal school has and can often take a larger number of students per teacher, which makes it more cost effective.

6. The student learns better as there are fewer distractions

One would think that students would be distracted by computer a course in miracles games when learning online. However, the truth is that because students are so familiar with the online environment, they actually learn better online with fewer distractions as there are no classmates. They can also focus better, and learn quicker, which leaves ample time for games.