Survival Food Supplies That Store the Longest

What Types Of Foods Store The Longest For Survival Situations?

When you are looking to store food for a survival situation the best options are to get food supplies that store a long time. While there are many different techniques and strategies for storing food, one can’t go wrong storing consumables that have a very long expiration date.

Salt is a great item to store. It makes just about everything taste better. It’s cheap. It will last you a long time. It can even be used to preserve meats if need be. There is no excuse for not having a large supply of salt if going for long term food storage.

Wheat is another staple item to keep. It takes years for survival food wheat to expire and there are so many things you can do with wheat. While it may take some people awhile for their stomachs to get used to real wheat, it does provide quite a bit of nutrients. One technique is to sprout wheat. In this state wheat can be used as a green.

Powdered milk is something to keep that will last a very long time. Most of us do not like the taste of powdered milk for drinking. However, keeping it in the refrigerator overnight does help with the taste. It can be stored just as a way of having milk to use in other recipes.

Honey makes a good long term sweetener. Although it might crystallize a bit, it can be stored for years. It will sweeten up just about anything taking away the bland taste from quite a bit of different foods and drinks.

Peanut butter is also something that stores very well. It has quite a bit of protein which is hard to come by especially since many meats don’t store as well long term.

It is important that you also remember to rotate your food supplies for the best longevity. That is to say that you want to keep all of your latest food stock to the front so that it will be consumed first. For example, if storing soups, when you shop at the store for new soup be sure to replace that with your stored soup. This will ensure that your food supplies don’t spoil.

If you are looking to store food long term, remember, there are some foods that last for years. Learn what these foods are and be certain to use a basic storage rotation idea to keep things fresh.