The Differences Between Anime and Anime

Anime is a term that once referred to fine art during the renaissance period. Somehow, though, the term’s meaning evolved (or devolved, depending on how you look at it) into humorous and amusing illustrations and, finally, into computer animated programs meant to entertain people, mostly children. For, clarity, the term ‘cartoon’ in this article shall be referring to the computer animated programs. Recently, however, a new term has been coined: Anime. And the distinction between these two has caused much confusion.

Strictly speaking though, there should be no distinction between anime and anime. Anime is a term employed by the japanese to refer to computer animated shows, from 웹툰 미리보기 their own country and from others as well. Somehow, though, the world started using the term anime in mention of the Japanese people shows exclusively. Japanese people animation was once called japanimation, but this term was aptly removed when the term ‘Anime’ was put into use.

Some say that they see absolutely no difference between the two, even going as long as to classify both shows and anime as ‘childish’ because of the nature of how they are presented, much to the woe of anime fans. Technically, there’s no official difference and they are somewhat correct. But you simply watch a single episode of any anime series and you’ll see that anime is far more than your usual slapstick funny man-tripping-on-a-banana-peal early morning shows. There is a real and unique difference between the two besides their spellings: Anime is much more than ‘just a cartoon’.


Shows usually have a simple and defined plot. And they’re usually about the good guys fighting the criminals. Shows rarely go beyond that old cliché. Most Anime series, on the other hand, are also a comparable good versus. evil but the and building plots are rarely simple and rarely predictable. You’ll find an element of nation-wide politics, faith, the human race, and a score of many summary concepts in the anime. Whereas shows are just about ‘evil’ cats chasing ‘innocent’ these animals or a idol shielding himself yet others from a very evil bully. Anime can blur the lines between good and evil so much that you are left wondering which side is really right. Look at the plot of Gundam, there aren’t any good guys or criminals. They’re both fighting for a cause — a worthy one, and both sides are going to do good and evil to achieve their goals. Look at the Trend Country arc of Naruto. Zabuza, evil as he was, had evoked more sympathetic tears than any of the typical Disney antagonists. There are, however, few conditions to the ‘cartoons are simple’ rule. There are anime series that are far advanced like X-men.

In terms of wit, anime goes beyond the slapstick funny that shows offer. There won’t be any corny ruse about the chicken traversing the street with anime. There won’t even function as the perfect banana peal. Anime wit is deep and amusing. However, it is to be noted that shows are mostly for kids. Anime can be for an adult audience; it mostly is, actually. There are even occasions when anime and building plots are hardly suited for children.


In shows, there’s a protagonist, an antagonist, and a damsel in distress. Their roles are well-defined and clear and the characters always act according to their roles. In anime, however, the damsel in distress may very well get to be the antagonist, leaving the protagonist in distress. There’s no knowing what to expect in anime. Anime characters, very often, are developed overtime through studies and growth, while anime characters remain the same from when the show started. (Of course, there are conditions such as Spiderman. ) Since there’s a regular plot, Anime characters actually grow up and may even produce the next generation for the series. Anime fans tend to get into the characters a lot deeper because of the characters’ depth and charm. Consider Naruto; viewers see him growing up from a child to a young powerful ninja, the way he relates to people, the way he finds new techniques, and the way he evolves successfully. That is one of the chief reasons for popularities of anime over plain shows.