Top 10 Secret Tips for Online Business Success

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Online businesses don’t succeed by accident or without effort. Out of the thousands of would-be entrepreneurs who start an online business every year, only a small percentage will succeed. A recent survey estimates that a stunning 90% of new internet business fail within the first year.

You can avoid being part of that unsettling statistic. I have put together the top 10 secret tips for online business success. These may not be what you’re expecting to hear, but if more entrepreneurs heeded them there will be a lot more short brand names for sale success stories.

1. Have a Plan

Everything begins with a plan. In principle, online business is no different from a real world brick and mortar business. People who fail in online business are very often those who think making money online “sounds like a good idea” instead of seeing it as a real business. They jump in without any idea of what they want to do or how to run their business.

Planning should involve:

– what type of business you’re going to start online

– what it will cost

– how you will market it

– what tools and skills you need to start

– how you will finance your online business efforts

– how much time you have to spend on it

– how and where you will network and make business connections

Without taking stock of factors like these before you even begin, you’ll be lucky to achieve any kind of success.

2. Add Action

Taking action is what separates most online business successes from the failures.

That “Earn a Million Online” seminar you went to, presented by the top online business minds? It’s worth nothing if you don’t act on what you learn.

That ebook full of secret online business strategies? They are of no worth until you actually use them.

That brilliant product idea swimming around in your head? Stop dreaming about it and create it.

While there are other factors as well, you must realize that you can’t win the game if you’re not in the game. Never let the fear of failure stop you. If you never try, you’ve already failed.

3. Learn to Test and Track

Yes, it can be a pain to test and track your results… until you finally do it and realize how much money you’ve been leaving on the table.

Imagine writing a sales letter for your $30 product and it converts 2% of all visitors into sales. A hundred sales per month is $3,000 in your pocket.

Now, imagine if, by simply changing the headline on that sales letter it converts 3% of visitors into sales? You would have been losing $1,500 per month.

Testing and tracking are crucial in tweaking your marketing campaigns for maximum profit, especially when you are paying for traffic.


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