Where to Buy a LSU Personalized Jersey

Buy authentic personalized LSU jerseys at lcushop.net, secstore.com, shopncaasports.com, collegefootballstore.com, and footballfanatics.com. For a more personalized LSU jersey, design and order your own jersey at thesportingstore.com, customjersey.com, or 波衫設計

Louisiana State University boasts of its awesome athletic team which is the LSU Tigers. With the team’s very good winning percentage, the LSU Tigers is considered one of the best teams in America. No wonder more and more people are drawn to become their fans. Wearing LSU Tigers jersey is one way the fans can keep the team’s spirit alive. Others prefer to add their own touch to their jerseys. Here’s where to shop for your personalized LSU Tigers jersey:

Lsushop.netSports jersey and t-shirt template sports jersey design vector mockup  3251966 Vector Art at Vecteezy

As the official online store of this athletics team, the web store offers authentic replica to personalized jerseys. Most of their jerseys are made by Nike. These are suitable for men and women and they come in different colors, designs and sizes.

So far, the store is selling a Nike Tigers white and purple replica customized jersey. Available sizes are small, medium, large, XL, XXL, and 3XL and price is $74.95. It has a double zero number on it and you can customize the replica putting your own name on it or the name of a ‘former’ LSU Tiger player or simply leave the name plate blank. It is illegal to put a name of a current player on the jersey due to NCAA regulations. The name is limited to 10 characters only.

The online store also offers customization on some of their college jerseys but NCAA regulations are still strictly applied. They have a no return – no refund policy to any customized items, but they allow exchange for damaged items with new like items.

Other online shops that offer the same personalized LSU jersey:





The sportingstore.com

If you prefer to really make your own LSU jersey (that means that the jersey need not be authentic or made by Nike), you can visit this sports store and design your own. You can choose from different styles, color combinations, sizes, the numbering or lettering styles and the type of fabrics to be used too. You can also add the name of the team (LSU Tigers) and the player’s name or your name. Though the jersey builder on this site is intended for bulk orders only, you can email or call them with their contact details if your order is less than 12 jerseys.