Wholesaling Real Estate: Don’t Let The Year End Without Doing This

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2014 is shaping up to be an incredible year for U.S. real estate and in particular wholesaling houses. However, smart investors won’t let this year end until they’ve covered this real estate social media posts

How you finish 2014, and the level of success real estate wholesalers will see depends greatly on going over the following checklist items before the ball drops and the New Year begins.

1. What worked well?

What worked well over the last 12 months for wholesaling houses? Which types of wholesaling marketing paid off? Which types of social media posts and keywords worked the best? Who were your best referral partners? What sources of discounted property really performed? Which activities if repeated and scaled could be the best for helping to wholesale more houses in 2014?

2. What didn’t work so well?


3. What changes are coming in 2014 and beyond?

What coming housing and finance industry changes are coming ahead? How is the competition changing? What technological developments will alter business processes, competitiveness, wholesaling marketing performance and spreads? Property wholesalers can’t just afford to look at the next few months, couple of quarters, or year either. They should be positioning to be in the lead for five years from now at least.

4. What stopped you from hitting your goals?

If you hit your real estate investment goals – that’s great; raise the bar for 2014. If you didn’t then what hurdles got in the way?

5. What are your goals for the next 12 months?

Think, write, and share them.

6. What do you need to achieve your goals?

What people, time, money and other resources are realtor social media post needed to accomplish your 2014 wholesaling goals? This can be split into ‘must-haves’ and ‘nice-to-have’ categories. For example you might like to have an extra few hundred (or million dollars) for marketing and making offers, but it probably isn’t necessary at all. You might really like the idea of a website make over, but that may just be a distraction from working on the things that really matter – like making offers and presenting deals to buyers.

7. Where and how will you get them?

Following on from the above, you don’t have to have all of these things yourself. In some cases they can be borrowed. In others maybe it is a matter of learning how to do it.

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